Willing Things Into Existence

I’ve spent the last two years telling anyone who will listen that adidas is the wave. Hate to say “I told you so” but I haven’t been wrong. At all. 

Allow me to drop some straight facts backing my strongly-held belief:

  • Adidas just passed Jordan as the second-most popular sneaker brand in the United States
  • The Three Stripes’ market share in the same country has spiked to 13 percent — double than the previous year
  • The never-out-of-style Superstar shoe was the best-selling sneaker of 2016 in the United States. That feat marks the first-time in a decade a non-Swoosh shoe reigned atop. 
  • Adidas is at the forefront of current footwear trends — retros and casual-y runners — and it’s not even close.
  • Yeezy jumped over Jumpan (not a fact per se, but listen to the kids, bro!).
  • If Nike aint have Virgil, they would have nothing (not proven with data either, but “The Ten” collab is the dopest thing the Swoosh has done in days).

Now that I’ve fan boyed, let me stan even more. In a dream-come-true turn of events, I visited adidas North American Headquarters in Portland last week. It was the first stop in a week-long trip with my classmates. We stopped by a whos-who list of sporting entities — Trail Blazers, Mariners, U-Dub, and even Nike — but nothing matched adidas for me. 

The entire vibe of adidas was absolutely infectious. The work culture is anchored by three c’s — creativity, confidence, and collaboration — and it feels like a jolt of energy. The adidas brand already spoke to me on a spiritual level, but being there in person heightened it to levels I didn’t think were even possible. 

Not like I needed any more reason, but the whole experience was reaffirmation that I 100 percent belong at adidas. Maybe not now, tomorrow, next year, or even in five years. But I WILL (sorry for jocking your slogan UA) make it happen at some point.

This burning passion I have for the brand is matched only by my love of WWE. And I refuse to let that fire be extinguished.  

People a lot smarter than me have always told me to speak things into existence. To say my goals out loud and the universe would move things around in order for me to achieve it. So here it is:

My unwavering passion and relentless attitude will drive adidas to become the number-one sportswear brand in the world.

You heard it first, Constant Blog Reader, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make this happen.