Vibin' at Disney World

Back in mid-March, I trekked to Orlando to interview for my graduate program. After killing the interview, I explored Disney World — the most-visited theme park in the world — all by my lonesome self (it was a business trip, ok).

Now, besides Lagoon in Salt Lake City, I’ve never been to any amusement parks. My parents are super old-school Mexicans, who only like going to Mexico for family vacations, so I was shit out of luck growing up.

To make up for my shitty, theme-park-less childhood, I bought myself a two-day, all-park pass. And let me tell you, this shit was insane.

The sheer size of Disney World absolutely blowed my mind. Between the four different theme parks, Disney World is easily double the size of home town.

Second, the melting pot of culture there was insane. It was culture galore, bro, I think I saw a person/family from every continent there besides Antartica.

Third, it was fun AF. My favorites rides were the classics, Splash and Space Mountain. Moreover, Epcot was my favorite park (you can’t beat traveling the world and tequila shots).

Checkout a few of the pics I took on my GoPro.