Wrestlemania 33

The week before this was undoubtedly the worst in my entire life. My uncle died unexpectedly and that’s rocked my entire family. On top of that, I’ve been crazy sick stemming from Ultra Music Festival — and even ended up in the ER for the first time ever.

But like it’s been my entire life, wrestling lifted my spirits — and, man, did I need it badly this time around as WrestleMania 33 took over my new home in Orlando. Better yet, my oldest brother, also a hardcore wrasslin’ fan like myself, came to visit with his wifey. The family time was much-needed. 

Saturday morning at Wrestlecon has to be one of the happiest moments of my life and that’s not hyperbole. For non-wrassling fans, Wrestlecon is a giant wrestling convention that brings together the most diehard fans with past, present, and future wrestling stars. It was pure bliss.

My brother and I got to shoot the shit with all the wrasslers we grew up watching and imitating — Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam, Billy Gunn, Eric Bischoff, John Morrison, Sting, Gillberg, and so many more. 

Biggest Wrestlecon highlights:

  • Bischoff calling Vince Russo a “fucking douchebag.” 
  • The always-relaxed RVD lecturing us on his disdain for schedules. Mr. Monday Night is a free spirit — commitments be dammed. 
  • The jobber Brooklyn Brawler begging my brother to give him $20 for a picture. Know your role and shut your mouth, jabroni!
  • Me and my brother spitting game at Melena, who looks a lot different than she did 10 years ago with MNM.   

As for WrestleMania itself, it was a thrill ride — albeit a super long seven-hour one. This is now the third Mania I’ve attended, the other two being 28 and 31, and all three have been off the charts. But if for whatever reason I had to rank them from most enjoyable to least — it goes 28, 31, and then 33. 

But that’s no shade to 33. I mean, the Hardy Boys return in the ladder match was an all-time great surprise. Brock Lesnar suplexing Goldberg to hell and back was fun, too. And seeing Undertaker — perhaps the biggest legend in WWE history — ride off into the sunset, that was a special, albeit heart-tugging, moment. 

I'm seriously making WrestleMania weekend an annual vacation for me here on out. Few things compare to it. New Orleans, I'm coming for you next year!