“My name is Hov, OH, H-to-the-O-V!”

Now that I got that hip hop reference out the way (get used to it), let me explain why I started this website and blog.

I miss writing. A lot.

I have bylines in newspapers like The Nevada Sagebrush, The Las Vegas Review Journal, and The Reno Gazette-Journal. Between the three, I have well over 300 published stories. You can imagine the countless words I’ve typed and people I’ve interviewed in that span.

“Then I dropped that Black album and backed out as the best rapper alive!”

Sorry, another Jay Z line. But like my idol Hov, I retired from my first passion — journalism, or rap in his case. Unlike Jay, though, I’m probably not coming back.

Not writing left a sizable gap in my life that I plan to fill with this blog. Expect to read my thoughts about my personal life, the world as I see it, books I read, reasons why Kanye is the GOAT, and many other things.

I feel I’m not very open with people about my life. I know a lot of people, but I don’t think people truly know me. I don’t really post on social media often or keep in touch with very many people. That’s why I’m going to keep it 100 on here — no filter, no censor, keeping it raw, and doing whatever I want.




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